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Where Holiday Fun Gets A Dose Of Diversity!

In the magical year of 2022, in the heart of Dallas, Texas, with roots that stretch back to the cool vibes of Orange County, CA, Maclittles burst onto the scene. We're not just a brand; we're a party for your decorations and a special invitation for everyone to join!

At Maclittles, holiday joy should come in all shades and shapes. Why? Because everyone, yes, even Santa, should look like you! Our journey started with a simple mission: to give our little one toys and decorations that shout, "Hey, this is me!" And voila, Maclittles was born – a family-owned brand that's all about spreading cheer and celebrating the awesome diversity of our world.

What makes us different? Apart from our commitment to being the life of the holiday party, it's the love we pack into every product.

We're proudly 100% minority-owned and operated. And guess what? We're not just here for the festivities but for YOU and the community! Our company and awesome staff are like community superheroes, supporting cool organizations and initiatives.

Meet the duo behind Maclittles – A husband and wife team with a knack for business, marketing, and making holidays epic. They decided to trade in their corporate gigs for a family business about making your holiday moments memorable.

As you scroll through our collection, you're not just picking up decorations; you're grabbing a slice of your own story. Each product is like a holiday high-five, shouting, "You belong here!"

Get ready to shop confidently, knowing you're not just getting awesome holiday gear – you're supporting a crew that believes in spreading good vibes, joy, and much love.

Ready to turn your holiday into a celebration of YOU? Dive into Maclittles, where fun, confidence, and family memories are always on the guest list.

Turn your holiday into a Maclittles party!

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